Project Tools & Templates

What is a Project?

A project...

  • is temporary (has a definite beginning and end)
  • creates a unique result, product, service, or business process 
  • has defined and deliverable goals
  • has a business sponsor identified 
  • requires involvement from more than three ASR or University staff
  • is expected to take more than three months to complete 
  • should always have a charter documenting the commitment to the work

Tools & Templates

There are many tools and resources to help you lead a project. Part of the role of the project lead is using judgment to determine what resources will add value given the scope and scale of the work the team needs to accomplish. The ASR One-Page Project Management Template is lightweight and consolidates a number of standard templates that will add the most value to your project. 

Additionally, ASR has a repository of project management tools and templates in Google Team Drive (ASR staff access only). This is a good spot to browse and consider what additional documentation you might want utilize during your project.