Short Courses

Project Management Courses

Much of the work performed in ASR can be categorized as project work - that is, a specific task with a definitive start and end. These projects vary in size, scale, and visibility. Bringing project management principles and best practice to this work allows it to be performed in a more efficient and effective manner.

The ASR Project Management short courses are intended to provide staff with an understanding of the basic principles of project management.  

Project Management 101: Introduction to Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management 102: ASR Business Needs Life Cycle

Project Management 201: Supporting Effective Project Teams

Project Management 202: Developing & Managing a Project Plan

Project Management 203: Project Risk Management

Project Management 301: Evidence Based Portfolio Management

As each class builds on content of the previous, it is recommended that you take courses in sequence, but is not required.  It is highly recommended that you take 202 and 203 in order.  
PM Classes are offered on a quarterly basis as follows:
January, April, July, October - 101 & 102
February, May, August, November - 201 & 202
March, June, September, December - 203 & 301

Other Courses

As ASR staff and resources grow, we will offer additional ASR coursework within our Project & Work Facilitation Series on a variety of topics pertinent to our work and technology.  Check back here as we update our offerings.  

SQL (Structured Query Language) Training

Data Analytics